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How to Prepare Your House for Winter


Fall is a time of unparalleled beauty, refreshingly lower temperatures, “soccer mom” heaven, and Sunday afternoon football:  go Bears!

It’s also time to make sure that your plumbing can withstand another cold winter, damage free.  So let’s get right to it with these handy and effective self-help tips.

Garden Hoses

Unhook hoses and either blow them out or drain then with gravity and then store them in an above-freezing location like your garage.  Outdoor sheds usually don’t prevent freezing and cracking.

Gutters and Downspouts

Poor insulation in the attic causes snow on the roof to melt, and clogged gutters cause the water to overflow.  Not a great combination.  Because when water freezes, it expands and can tear apart your eaves, roof, and take sections of gutters right off the house.  So by hand or with a leaf blower, clean your gutters and downspouts sooner than later.

Insulate exposed plumbing pipes

Take a walk through your basement and garage, and insulate the pipes you can see.  Especially the ones near the outside walls as they’re the one most susceptible to freezing.

Learn where the main water valve is Located

Teach your kids how to shut off the water main plus those and under your toilets and sinks.  Even a ½” blow pipe can gush upwards of 10 gallons per minute if you have high water pressure in your house.  This one small step can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Repair Your Leaky Faucets

Check all kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room faucets.  A hidden leak can cause freezing, burst pipes, and indoor flooding. To locate a leak, turn off all fixtures and faucets.  Next, keep an eye out for eater leaks and listen for the sound of running water.

If you do spot a leak or, worse yet, evidence of a hidden water leak, contact Arnold Plumbing for prompt corrective action. Not only will we help you conserve goblets of water, we also can help protect your home from water-related damage.


How to Prepare Your House for Winter

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