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The Benefits of a Rainfall Showerhead

Starting off your morning with a warm shower can be just the ticket for a fresh start on your day. Provided, of course, you have just the right shower head, plenty of hot water, and ample water pressure.

As luck would have it, Arnold & Sons Plumbing can help you on all three counts by replacing your existing showerhead with a “rainfall” model. These can be wall- or ceiling mounted. More importantly, they surround you with the comforting yet gentle flow of water at exactly the temperature you desire.

Here’s what else you’ll like about a rainfall shower head: 

Less moving around: When you opt for a ceiling-mounted installation, you can shower your whole body while standing in one position, and that means less risk of slipping and falling.

More flexibility: An adjustable rainfall shower head allows you to change the position and angle of the water flow with ease.  And, since family members come in all sizes, some models even allow you to adjust the height. If you opt for a model with swivel joints, you also can select different parts of your body to receive the bulk of the spray at any one time.

Save water and money: Unlike your existing shower head, a new rainfall model will consume no more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute compared to the 5.5 gallons per minute released by older models.

No loss of water pressure:  Some rainfall shower head models come with built-in air-injection technology so that you get the feeling of a heavier rainfall vs. a drizzle – and all without wasting any water.  That results in the perfect balance between luxury and natural resource conservation.

More relaxing: Anything that helps add a few extra minutes of relaxation to your day is worth it! The water falls more like natural rain rather than a harsh spray of water narrower in scope. The strength of the flow  can be adjusted from a gentle rain to a drenching down pour, or anything in between.

To learn more about rainfall and other modern shower head options, contact Arnold & Sons Plumbing today. We can help work wonders in your bathroom without the need for a total makeover.

The Benefits of a Rainfall Showerhead

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