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Anti-Scald Valves Prevent Scalding

Bathroom is an ever-present issue here at Arnold & Sons Plumbing, as it should be. That’s because so many Americans are injured in home bathrooms every year, the majority of them being young children and seniors. Just to provide some perspective, injuries sustained in the bathroom are the number one cause of emergency room visits across the land.

One way people injure themselves is by slipping and falling. That can result in broken bones, twisted ankles, bumps on head, and more. What causes someone to slip in the bathroom? Well, wet floors immediately come to mind. So do slick surfaces in the tub or shower stall, or stumbling over the edge of the tub upon entering or exiting. And let’s not forget how easy it can be to lose one’s balance from a sudden or wrong turn or, for example, when the water in the shower suddenly turns scalding hot and someone jumps to avoid the blast of extra-hot water.

To help prevent that from happening to you or a loved one, we urge you to consider the installation of an anti-scald valve in your tub or shower. Anti-scald valves sense and correct for the sudden loss of cold water from the showerhead which is frequently caused by someone turning on a cold-water faucet or flushing a toilet while another family member is in the shower. It’s a simple and affordable installation, as are these additional bathroom safety devices:

  • Anti-slip tub or shower floor mats
  • Grab bars in and around the tub or shower
  • Grab bars next to the toilet
  • “Comfort height toilets that require less stooping and make it easier for a person to stand back up
  • Bathtub benches
  • Hand-held shower head to reduce the amount of turning and twisting
  • Child-proof locks on all lower cabinets and anywhere else medicines and household cleaners are kept

For more information on how Arnold & Sons can help make your bathroom a safer environment for all, contact us today.

Anti-Scald Valves Help Prevent Injuries

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