How to Plan Your Kitchen Upgrade

When thinking about redecorating or remodeling your home, you may only know that you want a change, but be unsure of where to start. Using the STENT approach (Size, Time, Environment, Need, and Technology) you can figure out what your space needs and how to make it function at its very best. Follow this step-by-step process, and you’ll find yourself looking at your kitchen, and what might become of it, in a whole new way:


The size and shape of the kitchen influences the flow of food preparation and entertaining. If you’re not yet prepared to tackle a full-blown renovation or re-arranging your appliance, you can do the next best thing:  give yourself more room for storage and food preparation by decluttering counters and adding new organizers to your cupboards or pantry.


Any experienced knows there’s both an art and science to preparing a meal where all dishes are ready at the same time.  If, however, you still find that a challenge, maybe an extra, mobile countertop might help so you can get all your ingredients together before you start.  Another way to use time more efficiently is to store your “tools” in logical groupings.  If, for example, you’re planning to make an apple pie, wouldn’t it be easier if your mixing bowl, pie plates, measuring cups, and so on were all stored together? You bet it would!

Environmental impact and cost

Anything you do to decrease waste will also save you money, at least in the long run. You can decrease water use, for example, with a hands-free faucet which also proves useful when your hands are filled with cooking ingredients. What’s more, an energy efficient dishwater not only saves on electricity, but uses less water compared to washing dishes by hand.


A kitchen is often the hub of activity. So, maybe you’re looking to add a homework area during the renovation, or an island with bar stools for additional entertainment space.


There are lots of fun technologies available for use in the kitchen to help facilitate faster and easier task completion, including food processors, pizza makers, and pasta machines. Or, maybe you’re ready for a Blu-tooth-ready refrigerator to help you’re your grocery list constantly up to date while having quick access to new and favorite recipes.

If your planned kitchen upgrade includes plumbing, contact Arnold & Sons Plumbing for all the advice and assistance you need, from planning to demolition and new installations.  We are your local kitchen and bath upgrade specialists.