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New & Established Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving, for many, is a holiday rich in tradition. If you host dinner one year, you’re likely to host for years to come – unless you’re lucky enough to be part of a family rotation.

And then there’s the menu. Turkey lovers and turkey “likers” are most unlikely to stray from that well-worn path? Does sister Sue make the world’s best stuffing? Put her down for that. Is mom’s homemade apple pie prize worthy? Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without it.

And yet, as much as we all love and cling to our favorite traditions, it can be just as much fun to spice things up with a new tradition or two. So, on your behalf, we’ve done a little research to see what kinds of fresh and new things other folks are doing around the country to make their Thanksgiving experience a little bit richer. Here are the ones we liked best:

  • Do unto Others – Whether you help out at a local shelter, collect items for a food bank, or make a family donation to those less fortunate, get your kids involved and teach them the meaning of random acts of kindness.
  • Gratitude Rolls – As your guests arrive, ask each to jot down what they’re most thankful for on a small strip of parchment paper. Then lay each strip on top of store-bought crescent dough before rolling it up and putting it in the oven. When dinner’s ready, family members can read out loud these messages of gratitude for all to reflect and comment on.
  • Thankful Tree – This is a twist on Gratitude Rolls, where family members write about something they’re thankful for and hang these slips of paper on a Thankful Tree, which also can double as your table centerpiece.
  • Thanksgiving Journal – If family members aren’t comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings out loud, why not pass around a Thanksgiving Journal that guests add to each year? Then you can flip back and see how your family has grown and changed throughout the years.

One Thanksgiving Tradition You Can Do Without

Holiday shoppers call the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday, and so do plumbers.  That’s because there are more clogged drains that day than on any other throughout the year.

If, despite exercising all the care in the world, your drain or garbage disposal should clog as well, Arnold & Sons will be here to answer the call. Contact us now or anytime for all your drain, hot water, and home plumbing needs.


New & Established Thanksgiving Traditions

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