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Summer Plumbing Tips for Your Home

Each of the seasons presents its own set of plumbing challenges. Summer is no exception, especially with all your plumbing fully engaged.

Here are a few tips to help you better prepare for the unexpected.

Washing machine

Washing machines tend to work harder in the summer with kids out of school, extra towels to wash after a day at the pool, and so on. Check the position of your washing machine to ensure the hose isn’t kinking and the connections aren’t leaking.

How to Enjoy Added Convenience

If you have just one outdoor faucet, there are bunches of things you can’t do as efficiently as you might like. And yet that’s a problem easily solved by the professional plumbers at Tom Drexler.  With a new outdoor faucet near your driveway, for example, you can wash your own car and save a few bucks on commercial car washes. For added convenience, how about a hot and cold water outdoor faucet? 

Check your gas BBQ

Your gas grill should be used only outdoors in a well-ventilated area. Visually check your gas connections for wear and tear, damage, or rust. Dispose of any old gas cylinders and hoses that have deteriorated with age. 

Check for Leaks

Your water pipes can form holes brought about by winter wear and tear. So now, be on the alert for drops or pools of water round your dishwasher, under sinks, and behind the fridge. Also, check your walls and floors for damp spots, a clear indication of a hidden leak.

Blocked toilets

With more people home during the day, your toilets are facing some serous overtime. That makes now the perfect to reinforce good toilet behavior, especially with younger members of the family. You know, like “go easy on the toilet paper and keep all foreign object far, far away.”

Outdoor plumbing has numerous other uses, as well, like an outdoor sink, shower, or fountain.

Have a plumbing repair need or a new home plumbing need?  Contact us today for more information and a free estimate on the plumbing project of your choice.

Summer Plumbing Tips for Your Home

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