The Advantages of Having a Natural Gas Grill

Once upon a time, when gas grills really started to catch on, you might have agonized about switching over from charcoal. But you got over it, most likely, and went along with the new backyard “in” crowd.

But how’s that propane tank replacement grill working out for you?  And how many times have you run out of gas in mid-grill without a spare tank filled and ready to go?  It gets old pretty fast, doesn’t it?

Now, you can say good-bye permanently by to the whole propane scene by switching over to a natural gas grill – with a little help from Arnold & Sons Plumbing.

Natural gas is cleaner burning than propane, which means you won’t spend as much time cleaning up afterward. What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about running out of propane again.

At Arnold & Sons, we can install a dedicated gas line from your home to your preferred grill location, connect it to your grill, and thus get you started on a whole new adventure in backyard fun and entertaining.

Should you decide to re-landscape your yard at some point, no worries.  Re-locating your gas line is a simple and economical procedure.

Call us to schedule installation or with any questions you might have.