Things You Should Never Store in Your Garage.

In a perfect world, there would be a place for everything and everything would have its place. In the real world, storage space seems to be at a premium and, as a result, certain items get tossed into the garage for lack of a better option. And that’s fine for some items, others can become damaged or can pose a safety risk to your home and family.

Read on to find out which items you should never keep in the garage.

Paint – If you’re storing leftover paint in an unheated garage, extreme temperatures can cause it to separate or gel. Not a big deal if you’re in the process of painting and need a place to keep the cans for a night or two. But if you won’t be using them for a few months, make sure the cans are closed tightly and stored in a utility closet or basement.

Firewood – You might be tempted to keep your firewood in your garage to keep it dry and within easy reach, but those cords of wood can be harboring insects and bugs that can make their way into your home. Your best bet is to store firewood on an elevated rack away from your home with a tarp over it to keep it dry.

Canned Food – A humid or damp garage can cause cans to rust, while an extremely hot garage can cause the food to spoil. If you’re really out of room, it might be time to reorganize your pantry and kitchen cabinets.

Propane – Propane tanks were not meant to be kept in closed areas under any condition. Should the valve leak and allow propane to seep into your garage, a small spark or pilot light can ignite the gas and send your home up in flames.

A Refrigerator – Whether you like to save money by buying groceries in bulk, or simply have a large family to feed, a spare fridge can be a lifesaver. But if you keep it in a non-climate-controlled garage, it could be upping your utility bill. A refrigerator operates at max efficiency in an area that is between 65 and 78 degrees. If your garage gets hot in the summer, the fridge will have to work twice as hard to keep its ingredients cool. Conversely, a super cold garage could cause your perishable foods to spoil.

Wooden Furniture – Temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause wood furniture to swell and contract, resulting in veneer delamination and warping. If you’re saving a piece of furniture for a friend or family member, or simply aren’t ready to part with a cherished object, find a better storage alternative to properly preserve it.

Here’s something else you should never do in a garage: operate a fuel-burning appliance or start your car with the garage door closed. By doing so, you expose yourself and others to carbon monoxide poisoning.

At the same time, Arnold & Sons Plumbing can safely and efficiently install new gas connections inside or outside your home so you can take better advantage of natural gas appliances or a built-in grill and, at the same time, eliminate the need to store propane tanks anywhere, let alone your garage.  Contact us today for more information or to schedule service.