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Bad Habits That Ruin Your Plumbing System

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Many people have bad habits. While some of these habits are harmless, some bad habits can damage your plumbing system. Discover common bad habits that cause plumbing problems.

Abusing Your Disposal

When you put inappropriate items down the disposal, such as grease, fats, fibrous vegetables, and large chunks of food, they can clog the pipes and create blockages. The disposal is not designed to handle these substances; as a result, they can accumulate, leading to slow draining and, eventually, complete blockage of your pipes.

Hard objects like bones, fruit pits, and non-food items can also damage the disposal blades, causing them to become dull or even break. When the blades are compromised, the disposal’s effectiveness diminishes, making it more prone to jamming. Such issues can stress your plumbing system, leading to leaks, burst pipes, or backups.

Moreover, overloading the disposal with excessive amounts of food at once can strain its motor, resulting in overheating or burnout. A malfunctioning motor can disrupt the proper disposal functioning and create issues with the entire plumbing system.

Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

The high concentration of chemicals in a drain cleaner can erode pipes and fittings, potentially resulting in leaks or even burst pipes. Moreover, these strong chemicals can harm the environment when they enter the sewage system or groundwater.

Using an excessive amount of drain cleaner may not provide any extra benefits. The product is formulated to work effectively at recommended doses, and using more does not necessarily mean better results. Instead, it may cause unnecessary wastage of the product and your money.

Using Your Toilet as a Trash Can

Flushing non-flushable items down the toilet, such as paper towels, feminine products, dental floss, and wipes, can lead to clogs in the pipes. Unlike toilet paper, these items do not disintegrate quickly and can accumulate, causing blockages that hinder the smooth flow of wastewater.

Secondly, items like plastic, metal, or glass objects may clog the pipes and cause physical damage. When flushed, these hard materials can collide with the internal components of the plumbing system, leading to cracks or breakages in the pipes, fittings, or flushing mechanisms.

Furthermore, if disposed of through the toilet, chemicals and harmful substances in some household products or medications can negatively impact the plumbing system. Corrosive chemicals might erode the pipes over time, weakening them and making them prone to leaks.

Even seemingly harmless items like excessive toilet paper can contribute to plumbing problems. Using excessive toilet paper in a single flush can overload the system and hinder water flow, eventually leading to blockages.

Rinsing Hair Down Drains

When you wash your hair, loose strands often come off and flow with the water down the drain. These hair strands can easily tangle and bind with other debris within the plumbing pipes, such as soap residue and grease.

As time passes, the accumulated hair and debris form clogs that hinder the smooth flow of water through the pipes. This blockage slows down the draining process and increases the pressure inside the pipes, leading to potential leaks, bursts, or pipe damage.

Moreover, as the clogs persist, water may back up in your sink, shower, or bathtub, causing unsanitary conditions and unpleasant odors in your living space. Additionally, the accumulated hair provides a favorable environment for bacteria and other microorganisms to thrive, posing health risks and contributing to unpleasant smells.

If left unaddressed, these clogs and blockages can become more severe, resulting in costly repairs or a complete plumbing system replacement.

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