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Water Softening & Water Filtration

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Water Softener

Throughout the Greater Peoria area, home water quality is generally very good.
Arnold & Sons is here to remedy things where it isn’t, and for home owners who simply want the highest quality water possible.
That’s why we’re pleased to offer you two home water filtration options:

Whole-House Water Filter

Just like it sounds, with a whole-house water filter from Arnold & Sons, you’ll have contaminant-free water throughout your home:  kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and everywhere else.  Plus, we custom design each system to address whatever particular water quality problems you might be facing, including hard or acidic water, and water contaminated by chlorine, radon, or other harmful chemicals.

Point-of-Use Water Filter

If your primary goal is to enjoy purified water for drinking and cooking purposes, then count on us to install the right size water filter under your sink, one that connects either to your existing or a separate, dedicated faucet.

Water Softening System

Arnold & Sons can design, install, and maintain a water softening system for your home that rids your municipal or well water supply of these hard-water-related problems:

  • Spotting on glasses and dishes in your dishwasher
  • Sticky soap residue on your skin after bathing
  • Dull, dry hair after showering
  • Duller whites from the washing machine plus less sudsing action
  • Internal pipe corrosion that can cause cracks, leaks, and resulting water damage
  • Damage to water-using appliances, including your refrigerator ice make

A properly designed water softening system will remove the excess quantity of minerals like iron, manganese, and calcium that cause hard water problems in the first place and leave you with much softer water that solves all of the problems listed above, and then some.

More Water Treatment Services

We also maintain and repair all makes and models of water filtration and softening systems, plus we can test your water supply prior to recommending exactly the right solution for your home and budget.

If you’re relying on bottled water now, you’ll actually save money with you own water filtration system while helping to conserve natural resources and cut back on non-recycled plastic water bottles.

Any way you look at it, you win with a home water filtration system from Arnold & Sons.  Call us for an in-home needs assessment and new system proposal.

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