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A broken-down water heater is annoying at best and dangerous at worst. For one thing, you can’t take a nice hot shower to wake up in the morning. For another, a water heater that isn’t heating properly can become a haven for bacteria growth, and any leaks can cause water damage and lead to mold and mildew, which can be expensive to repair.

If your water heater has stopped heating or is leaking, or if you have noticed any other strange behaviors, don’t hesitate to call a plumber who specializes in water heaters. In Peoria, IL, rely on Arnold & Sons Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Services.

Water Heater Problems to Watch For

Hot water heaters are deceptively simple home appliances. The water enters the tank and is heated by the heating elements, which must keep the water at a set temperature. And although their operation is relatively simple, a large number of things can go wrong with a water heater.

As water sits in the tank, it leaves behind sediment that can slowly corrode the tank. As sediment builds up, you might be able to hear it rattling around in the tank. If your water heater has started making strange noises, a plumber can help you figure out why.

When the water heater components corrode, you may see water leaking out of the water heater. It’s important to get the heater repaired or replaced as soon as possible before the water damage becomes extensive.

What We Can Do to Help​

When you call Arnold & Sons Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Services, we’ll troubleshoot your water heater problems to get to the source of the issue. Then, we can fix it if possible or replace the water heater if necessary.

We also offer annual water heater inspections to help you stay on top of your water heater’s condition and catch problems before they worsen. We’ll clean and inspect the whole water heater to make sure everything is in order.

To schedule an appointment or learn about our coupons and discounts, call 309.691.8291 today.

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