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If a Flooded Basement is the Last Thing You Want, Read On.

Here in Central Illinois, we know our sump pumps. With a water table higher than most regions of the country, and largely unpredictable weather, a sump pump is an essential part of guarding your home against basement flooding.

At Arnold & Sons, sump pumps are just one means we employ to help keep your basement dry.  We also install, service, and repair back-up sump pumps, ejector pumps, and flood control systems.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is designed to direct excess ground water away from your home’s basement and foundation and redirect it into a waste water system. The system also helps keep your foundation well moisturized to alleviate water build-up around it.

Arnold & Sons offers services ranging from sump pump repair to sump pump replacement, even new sump pump installation. We carry a wide selection of sump pumps, ejector pumps, and battery back-up systems on every service truck on the road. We have units of varying pumping capacity, life expectancy, warranty, and price, including pumps with 10-year warranties and life expectancies of over 50 years – a long, long time not to have to worry about basement flooding.

Battery Back-Up Systems

A sump pump is a great option for keeping your home dry during a storm, but what happens if you lose power? A great and less expensive alternative to installing a whole-house generator is installing a battery back-up system for your main sump pump. There are several different types of battery back-up systems available. Some include a secondary pump, while others do not. Some use only one battery, others use two. Depending on your needs, we can find the right system to match your home and existing sump pump.

What is an Ejector Pump?

An ejector pump is basically a sump pump that can grind and pump out solid waste as well as liquids. They’re used mostly in homes with basements and overhead sewers to pump the sewage up and out of the basement. Ejector pumps typically have more powerful motors than sump pumps, and use a 2” discharge line, versus 1 ½” for sump pumps.

Flood Control Systems

Flood control systems should be installed in homes with flooding problems that can’t be prevented with a sump pump alone. During a heavy rainstorm municipal sewers can become filled to capacity and overflow and drain directly into someone’s basement. Flood control systems are designed to prevent this from happening. They allow for waste to drain out of your home while simultaneously preventing the city’s sanitary/storm sewers from backing up into your basement.

Sump Pump Inspection

If you already have a sump pump or an ejector pump, but are worried it needs maintenance or that it might not be working properly, if at all, contact us today to schedule a pump inspection for your added peace of mind.

Or, contact us by phone or email for the repair service you need or a new sump pump quote.  Arnold & Sons:  a whole range of solutions to help keep your basement dry.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your plumbing needs. For an expert Plumber in Morton, IL call us today at 309.691.8291