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A drain after a drain cleaning in Bloomington, IL

Over the past several years, our drain cleaning “tool box” has grown exponentially.

Of course, it’s not the tools that make the biggest difference.  It’s the people who use them.  In Arnold & Sons, you have one of the most experienced and skilled  drain cleaning service teams you’ll find throughout the area, and beyond.

What exactly does that mean to you?  Just this: one call to Arnold & Sons is all it will take to resolve any sewer or drain cleaning need you might have.

Clogged Sewer | Clogged Drain

When conventional drain clearing methods don’t work it’s time to bring out the more advanced gear. That includes our in-drain video inspection cameras which enable us to pinpoint the exact location and extent of the problem without having to dig through floors or walls. That represents less mess, a faster diagnosis, and a speedier solution.

At Arnold & Sons, we also employ high-pressure water jets for the really stubborn clogs or those too deep down the line for snakes, augers, or plungers to reach. We can even attach cutting blades to our jet nozzles when, for example, the clog has been caused by tree or shrub roots that have invaded your underground drain.

Plus, using water jets to clear a drain means no chemicals.  That’s a plus not only your pipes, but the entire local eco-system.

Drain cleaning can be a tough, dirty business. But it’s one we perform gladly and effectively.

Stuck with a clogged drain problem?  Don’t waste a minute more…contact Arnold & Sons now for prompt action and results that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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