Plumbing Installation | Install New Plumbing

By Installing It Correctly the First Time, There Won’t Have to Be a Second.

That’s the way we like to do things at Arnold & Sons.  Correctly.  With strict adherence to local plumbing codes.  And all the skill we can muster so you’re completely satisfied with our performance and your new plumbing installation.

Faucets, tubs & showers, garbage disposals, we do it all.  And that goes for replacement plumbing fixtures and systems or even something brand new, including the following:

  • Outdoor showers
  • Outdoor hot water faucets
  • Kitchen island sinks
  • Wet bars
  • Supplemental tankless water heaters
  • Walk-in tubs for added safety
  • Comfort height toilets, an ideal alternative that enables greater ease of getting on and off the toilet
  • Anti-scald shower valves to help prevent accidental burns
  • New toilets, your choice of low-flow or dual flush
  • And so much more

Contact us today and tell us about your new plumbing installation needs. We’ll be happy to schedule service or a free quote at your convenience.

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