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How to Successfully Handle a Burst-Pipe Emergency

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One of the most severe plumbing emergencies you can face today is a burst pipe. If you don’t take quick actions to stop the water from leaking, you will deal with water damage issues like furniture damage, floor warping, or wall and ceiling stains. These issues can occur whether you are dealing with a burst pipe from a recent pipe repair, the hot water system, or a new burst.

Here are quick actions to stop a burst pipe from causing a major catastrophe in your home.

Stop the Water Flow

Immediately after you notice the burst pipe, shut off the valve to cut the water supply to that pipe. Leaving the water to overflow as you do other things will cause significant damage in a short while.

If you cannot find the valve that supplies water to the burst pipe, you will have to shut the main valve. This valve supplies water to the entire property. The primary water valve is usually at the front of the house or yard next to the water meter. Ensure all your family members know the valve location for a quick response during a burst-pipe emergency.

Drain the Pipes

Once you shut off the water supply, you need to get rid of any water inside your pipes. Draining pipes can be accomplished when you flush toilets and open all faucets and showerheads. Run water in every tap until the lines run dry. Don’t forget to drain hot water from your water heater once you shut it down.

Identify the Burst Pipe

Now that water isn’t flowing, you can check where the pipe burst. Has it been leaking for a while, but you didn’t take action, or were there no warning signs? Once you locate the spot, place a container underneath to catch any dripping water. You may also patch up the area if it’s a tiny crack to ensure water doesn’t drip continue to drip.

Contact Your Plumber

Avoid repairing or replacing a burst pipe on your own unless you are a qualified plumber. If you lack the right skills to handle this job, call a reputable plumbing company that can fix the burst-pipe issue and repair any damage to the electrical system.

A licensed plumber will offer quality service, so you don’t face the same issue in the future. They will also inspect the piping system to check for other plumbing issues and fix them. Most plumbers charge an affordable price for the service. Besides, they have liability insurance, so they will redo the work at no extra cost if the repairs fail.

Document Everything

As you wait for the plumber to arrive, start documenting everything. Take photos of the burst pipe and all the damage. Don’t throw anything away or clean up yet because you will be getting rid of the evidence.

You want to have enough proof when you contact the insurance company to ask for compensation for the burst pipe. Remember, documenting damage for the insurance provider is like photographing a crime scene — the more photos you have, the better.

Clean up the Area

If your home got flooded due to the burst pipe, you’ll have to dry the wet areas as soon as possible after the plumber makes repairs. The longer you allow the water to sit, the more extensive the damage. Besides, you will risk having a mold problem later on if you don’t dry out the area.

Start by salvaging the essential items and drying the wet areas. Once the repairs are done, you can toss away all the damaged items. Then, take the necessary actions to prevent mold growth.

At Arnold & Sons Plumbing, Sewer & Drain Services, we have been helping homeowners with burst pipes for years and can help you too. Call us, and we will be there to ensure your property doesn’t suffer more damage than it has already.