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What to Expect from Your Peoria Area Plumber

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We have no way of knowing, of course, what you deem to be most important when it comes to choosing a plumber or any other home service provider. Still, we’d like to suggest you give the following factors their due when making your selection. Read on and you’ll understand why:

Same Day Service
Unless a plumbing company is over-staffed, there’s no way they can categorically promise same-day service, not unless they’re willing to drop someone else from the schedule – should it come to that – to accommodate you. At the same time, some plumbing companies are more committed to same-day service than others, so if same-day service is important to you, be sure to ask that question.

Solid Credentials
Start with their Better Business Bureau rating. A good rating doesn’t guarantee a great company, but a bad rating usually serves as a warning. Once you’ve checked out their BBB rating, look at their customer reviews, a first-hand look at actual service experiences, good or bad.

Number of Years in Business
In and of itself, longevity neither qualifies of disqualifies somebody for a job. But the longer someone’s been in business, the more you can rest assured that they have a large corps of dedicated customers who continue to do business with them year after year.

Up-Front Pricing
The days of paying for service “by the hour” are gone. Or they should be! After all, who wants to pay more just because your plumber is slower than somebody else? Instead, wouldn’t you rather know the price in advance so you can make an informed decision, especially when your plumber also gives you repair or new installation options?

Commitment to Quality
How can you tell without hiring them whether or not a company is committed to quality and, ultimately, your satisfaction with their service? In addition to checking out their reviews, you also should explore their website (assuming they have one) to see if they offer specific guarantees or have unique qualifications to speak to the quality issue.

At Arnold & Sons Plumbing, we invite your closest scrutiny before you call to request service. Even if you do call, be sure to ask us any lingering questions you might have. Your comfort level is extremely important to us – before, during, and after service is provided.